About us

For years we have struggled with poor quality merchandise prints and late deliveries of ordered merchandise for our Obscene Extreme festival. We’ve changed several merch printing companies and this whole project was initially a bit of a crazy Čurby idea with words: “We’ll buy a printer and print it all ourselves”, which we laughed at and let it go.
Well, in the fall of 2022 we went to Brno to check out the DTG printer, bought it a month later and started printing merchandise for the OBSCENE EXTREME festival ourselves. We learned everything, had to tweak a few things and now we are able to print really high quality on almost all textiles!!!
We print custom merchandise for bands, companies and individuals. We are always learning and adding new printing options. So today we can print on any material thanks to DTF technology. We also do custom hats, mugs, shorts, panties and more. So if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Čurby and Mára

EXTREME print team


Master printer, work of all kinds. Mára goes for quality, he enjoys it and trying to fulfill all your wishes.

E-mail: info@extremeprint.cz
Phone: +420 776 752 265


Printer and graphic designer. Everything takes him time as to every graphic designer, he’s late to work, but when he wants to, he has great ideas and constantly raising his high standarts.

E-mail: info@extremeprint.cz
Phone: +420 775 888 994


Mastermind of the whole project, and the clever talk of all kinds and the packer of all your orders.

E-mail: curby@obscene.cz
Phone: +420 603 585 619


Social Media Manager, web administrator and project promotion

E-mail: aneta@obsceneextreme.cz
Phone: +420 737 531 685


Our representative with no suit. Just the one that offers and sells it all to you.

E-mail: bilos@obscene.cz
Phone: +420 605 521 989

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